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40 oz van and his team has joined up with vintage frames for his latest Snapback.
Here are some visuals that sum up whats going down…….

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They are now in the EU getting to work.
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Tape check

Retro mp3 …..
No matter how much we progress as far as technology is concerned, we always look back towards retro stalwarts for inspiration in the designing field. NVDRS Tape foxes around in the Cassette Tape construction but is actually a digital player. Deceptive looks aside, the player continues to follow the 45/60/90 minutes norm, holding 10/15/20 select songs in digital format; uploaded via USB.

Designers: Stefano Pertegato, Massimiliano Rampoldi, Eloisa Tolu, Francesco Schiraldi & Giovanni Mendini


Trippy, Mane.

This multi-level, nearly 6,000 square foot stunning home in Aspen, Colorado dubbed the Magic Mushroom House was designed by Andre Ulrych in the 1970′s. It’s been said that during the process he was under the influence of the hallucinogens magic mushrooms and LSD.


Photos by Michael Brands for the New York Times.

-macsmalls & PositiveJoe


Dutch design studio Denieuwegeneratie thought to convert a car into a tall bookshelf for the interior of their newly-built Dutch Mountain underground villa. By removing its engine, cutting out a large rectangular window in the roof, and placing the vintage Jaguar upright, the once active vehicle is transformed into an intriguingly attractive storage unit and shelving space. The trunk even serves as a lower cabinet.